TradeBullet FAQ

I get a blank TWS when TradeBullet connects. Why?

When TradeBullet launches TWS, by default TWS is started using minimal settings to ensure that the connection is established successfully. This will result in a TWS session where (almost) none your preferred settings are active.

You may force TradeBullet to use your preferred user settings by setting the IB option "Use existing page layout"

You will then have to manually take care that these TWS options are set/unset:

What are OCA orders?

Order Cancels All (OCA) orders are used to automatically cancel all orders in the same group when one of the orders executes.
You can assign an unlimited number of orders to a group. TradeBullet supports OCA orders even for brokers that don't support it natively.
OCA orders are all sent to the broker, but the list of orders belonging to a group is maintained internally by TradeBullet. This list is persistent across log-ins, so if an order is executed while you are logged off (say during a power failure) all other orders will be cancelled when you log back in.

You should be aware that there is a risk that more than one order could be executed by the broker before all other orders are cancelled.
TradeBullet cancels the orders in a few milliseconds, but the broker or ECN might be slow to handle the order cancellation, or if you are offline when an OCA order is executed, TradeBullet won't be able to send the order cancellations.

Can TradeBullet handle multiple systems?

Set the order's System parameter to your system name and it will be displayed in the data grids.

Why doesn't the symbol lookup window display all symbols from the broker?

Brokers don't supply a way to do this, so the symbol lookup will only display symbols from the TradeBullet database. Once you have requested a quote or traded a symbol, it will automatically be added to the database and thus show up next time you do a lookup.

Can I send orders from TradeBullet?

Just open the order entry screen by clicking on the Trade button, or click on the View menu item, then select Show Order Entry Screen.

Can I use the Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation while using TradeBullet?

Trader Workstation (TWS) must be running before TradeBullet can login to IB. Actually, TradeBullet logs-in to TWS, not IB directly. You can start TWS manually but it is recommended that you let TradeBullet start TWS. All TWS pop-ups windows will be handled automatically for you.

Can I use the MB Trading Navigator while using TradeBullet?

Navigator must be started from within TradeBullet. Click on the Tools menu item, then select MB Trading Navigator to start the Navigator.

Can I use J-Trader while using TradeBullet?

You will need to request a separate user name from your broker and tell them it must be for the same TAG (trader account group).

Autologin to IB TWS does not work

You must not touch the keyboard or mouse while TradeBullet is logging on because it needs to simulate keystrokes to fill the TWS login screen. If TradeBullet still cannot login, then you should make sure that you have these lines in C:\Jts\jts.ini:


Is there a special syntax that has to be used for the "Oca Group" field?

Any string is OK, even with spaces.

Can I send orders to more than one broker concurrently?

The Ultra version allows multiple instances of TradeBullet. All you need to do is copy the whole [InstallDir]\TradeBullet folder somewhere else and run TB from there.
You will then have two TradeBullets running, each connected to a different broker. Just make sure both instances don't monitor the same folder for order files.

Here are detailed instructions to do this:
1) double-click on the Desktop's "My Computer icon"
2) navigate to C:\Program Files
3) right-click on the TradeBullet folder and left-click on Copy
4) Select Edit->Paste from the Program Files window
5) you now have a new folder called "Copy of TradeBullet"
6) navigate to C:\Program Files\Copy of TradeBullet\bin
7) right-click on TradeBullet.exe
8) select Send To->Desktop

You now have two links on your desktop. They start independent TBs, each with their own settings.
Be careful when upgrading: only the first TradeBullet installation will be upgraded so you'll need to repeat the steps above, although you can keep your existing settings files and database.

Here is what you do next if you trade at Interactive Brokers:
Start your TWS one at a time, say you have two TWS accounts. On the first TWS, change the API port to 7497. Then start the first copy of TradeBullet. In the TradeBullet connection options, change the port number to 7497. You may now connect this copy of TradeBullet with your first TWS account. Next start a second copy of TWS, the port value of this should be ok at 7496 (each copy of TWS running must use a unique port number). Next start the second copy of TradeBullet and connect. You can now trade each account independently using TradeBullet.

How do I stop TradeBullet from routing orders?

Click on "AutoTrading is ON" at the bottom left. Click again to reactivate.

What instruments are supported?

TradeBullet supports Stocks, Futures and Forex.

I can't login to the TWS Demo, only the Live Mode works

The config.xml file has become corrupted. Please shut down TradeBullet and delete the file C:\Program Files\TradeBullet\Config.xml. A new file will be automatically created when restarting TB.

How many symbols can I follow with Interactive Brokers?

Here is IB's communique:
100 simultaneous market data lines may now be displayed in the Trader Workstation (and API clients) for free. Customers with greater than $800 USD (or equivalent) of commissions in a month will be provided with additional market data lines in the next month at the rate of 1 line for each $8 USD (or equivalent) of commissions above $800 USD (or equivalent).

What's the difference between OrderId and TradeBulletId?

OrderId is the id returned by the broker once the order is accepted. It must be used when discussing an order with the broker.

TradeBulletId is a unique number generated by TradeBullet when the order is created, and this id never changes throughout the life of the order. You can also specify the TradeBulletId you want when sending a text file or email order and this allows you to track/change/cancel an order easily.
Be aware that if the TradeBulletId you specify is not unique, TradeBullet will generate a new one instead of using yours.

I get a HTTP Protocol Violation error when connecting to Collective2

Copy the file below to the C:\Program Files\TradeBullet\bin folder.

Can't connect to IB: I get "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it"

This means TWS is refusing TradeBullet to connect to it. There are two ways to fix this: 1) From the login dialog, Click on the Options button and make sure the "Use existing page layout" option is unchecked.
2) Start TWS manually and go to Configure|API and make sure the "Enable ActiveX and Socket clients" option is checked. Then click on File|Save to save the setting, then close TWS.

How do I set up Collective2?

Here are the steps you must take:
1) First, setup Autotrading at Collective2 .com and select "Show all compatible brokers" when it's time to select one. Then select TradeBullet.
2) Make sure TradeBullet is connected to the broker. We suggest connecting to a live account to get live quotes and therefore a more realistic simulation
3) Go to Tools|Options|Collective2
4) Select the appropriate account to which the C2 orders will be sent. Simulation or your live account.
5) Enter your C2 username (email) and password
6) Click OK
7) TB will now connect to Collective2

I am unable to connect to Interactive Brokers, I get "Unable to connect to Interactive Brokers Live: IB.Adaptor.StartTWS can't find registry key Trader Workstation"

You must first install Trader Workstation (IB's software).

The broker server shuts down every day, can TB reconnect automatically?

Yes absolutely.
Go to Tools|Options|Login and select the logon/logoff times.
MBT shuts down from 00h00-01h00 EST.
IB shuts down everyday from 23h45-00h45 EST. See this schedule

Why are my Forex orders rejected?

The TradeBullet Simulator account does not support Forex at this time.
Please use the broker's demo account

What happens if I close my C2 position manually before my system vendor?

C2 does not know about your manual order(s) and it will trade based on the signals filled that were reported. There are two possibilities:
1) By default, TradeBullet will send the order to your broker and you will end up with a reversed position.
2) If you disabled "Allow multiple systems on same instrument" in the TradeBullet Options|Orders and the C2 signal is a Buy to Cover, TradeBullet will reject the closing order because you don't have an open short position.

TradeStation orders don't appear in TB

Please make sure you followed all the steps in the User Guide -> TradeStation Setup (the User Guide is installed on your computer, see the Start menu).

If your setup is correct then make sure your Anti-Virus software is not scanning outgoing emails. Norton and Panda often cause problems even if disabled. We recommend AVG Anti-Virus; it's free and available here

If TS still reports an error when sending its test email even after you disabled your AV software.

License validation fails

If the license verification process fails you should check the following things:

  • Make sure any firewall software you have installed on your computer has granted TradeBullet the ability to access the internet
  • Make sure your anti-virus software is not preventing TradeBullet from accessing the internet
  • Make sure that any ad blocking/pop-up blocker software is not preventing TradeBullet from accessing the internet
  • Make sure there isn't another application that is redirecting http requests from port 80 to another port
  • Performance is slow and the CPU is at 90%

    Your Anti-Virus is probably interfering. Norton is particular is very slow. Please make sure your AV software is not scanning the C:\TradeBullet and C:\Program Files\TradeBullet folders, and make sure it does not scan the incoming emails on localhost if you use TB's TradeStation interface.

    What can I do with the Replicator?

    You can trade your TradeStation strategies on multiple brokerage accounts, even at more than one broker.
    You can also publish your TradeStation signals to Collective2.
    Please see a full description here

    What ports does TradeBullet use?

    TB needs port 80. If you autotrade Collective2 systems, you will also need ports 7172-7175 open.

    Why can't I get market data from my Interactive Brokers Paper Trading account?

    Delayed market data is not relayed through the IB API and account holders seeking to use IB as a data source must subscribe to a real-time data feed through Account Management.

    I get "Could not find Java SE Runtime Environment" when trying to start TWS

    Make sure you have installed Java (see our download page). If it is already installed and you are running WIndows 64bit, copy javaw.exe from newly installed Java SE to C:\Windows\System32 *and* C:\Windows\SysWOW64

    I can't make TB connect to IB Gateway (IBG)

    Make sure that:
    1) From the TB login dialog, Click on the Options button and make sure the "Host" option is set to ("localhost" won't work), and set the Port to 4001 so it matches IBG.
    2) Start IBG manually and go to Configure|Settings|API and make sure the port set to 4001 (it already is by default).

    TB can't launch IBG so you will need to launch it before TB can connect to it.