TradeBullet testimonials

User Testimonial - "Great product!"

Thanks, BTW, great product! I'm impressed how well it works! I have Tradesation and Interactive Brokers, however the problem that I have with TS is that many times shares are not available to short, whereas they almost always are in IB. Plus IB tends to have better fills. Your product is great because it allows me to use the power of TS and strategies that I have written for it, but actually do my trades through IB.

Matt Frailey

User Testimonial - "Support is second to none"

Not only is TradeBullet a great product, but the support is second to none.
I got in touch with the support team regarding an idea for a new feature,
and their response was immediate, positive and extremely helpful. They took
the time to understand what I was trying to achieve, and within two days
they emailed me to say that a new release of TradeBullet has been placed on
their site for general download. Amazing stuff, and it's revolutionized my
trading. TradeBullet has allowed me to develop a fully automated trading
system right from my desk, and I now have a capability to match any
professional institution. The key is reliability on every single
execution, and TradeBullet gives me that.

Trader Euro Dollar

User Testimonial - "Well engineered"

Tradebullet is a well engineered solution to automated trading. Unlike a lot of other products in the market it has a naturally logical approach (in every respect) and user friendly interfaces. Easy to follow with an excellent support and great customer care. A real partner.

Solon Saoulis
Delfi Consulting Ltd.

User Testimonial - "Superb"

TradeBullet is a superb piece of software. I would recommend it to anyone considering automated trading. I am using TradeBullet to automatically trade a system from Collective2 (C2) and using Interactive Brokers (IB) as my broker. Even though this involves running different pieces of software from different sources, TradeBullet from ATResearch, Trader Work Station(TWS) from IB, and receiving trade signals over the internet from C2, TradeBullet makes it seem as simple as running a single application.

TradeBullet handles everything flawlessly. It automatically logs on to IB at startup, automatically reconnects if TWS drops out for any reason, receives orders from C2 and places them automatically with IB, all with no user interaction required. I have used TradeBullet for nearly a month now and TradeBullet has handled 100 percent of C2 trade signals perfectly. I have not had to interact with TradeBullet even once since I've started using it. The support for TradeBullet is unbelievable. The few questions I've had regarding the procedures for setting up the automatic trading parameters have been answered immediately even if the questions pertained more to the C2 or IB programs. I have used many other trading platforms and TradeBullet is by far the most solid and user friendly program I've ever used for system trading.

Thanks again for your great support.

John Dorsey

User Testimonial - "Cutting-edge"

My experience with TradeBullet autotrading in conjunction with Collective2 has been very positive and has exceeded my expectations for a cutting-edge application. TradeBullet has performed nearly flawlessly and all minor issues I have had have been addressed quickly and to my satisfaction by TradeBullet's excellent support staff. I would recommend TradeBullet to any serious trader looking to autotrade a C2 system.


User Testimonial - "Thumbs up"

After mulling over some Collective2 systems and reading about AutoTrading for some time I decided to bite the bullet and see if it will work for me.

I downloaded TradeBullet, installed it, subscribed to a trial of a C2 system, set permissions and configured TB all in about a half hour. I'm awaiting the market to open right now to let it fly.

As C2 autotrading is fairly new I expected rough edges or at least a glitch or two but so far its been very smooth and reassuring (which is great because my real money is on the line).

Just wanted to give a thumbs up to TB's creators for a job well done (at least for what I've seen so far...hopefully the actual trading goes as smoothly as the install)


User Testimonial - "TradeBullet v. TradeBolt"

After using both products for awhile, here are some comparisons..

No transaction costs: although that's the obvious difference, the following features are just as important to me..

Key feature: tBullet takes orders from TS and allows OCA/bracket orders.. eg. upon fill, my target and stop are immediately placed in the market - fantastic.. something that TS can't seem to get together.. nothing like that in tBolt.

Fill management looks really good.. .. ability to go to limit once TS reports filled or send as is a great feature - very flexible.

Scheduling: log-off/on times.. great feature.. my systems run 24/7 but CME and brokers have "Hard disconnect" times... tBullet allows log-on/off times... tBolt can only be done manually.. I asked them about that and they said they would get back to me with a quote... Quote.. to fix their product - and at how much per transaction$$.. pleeeze.

Erogonomic things - like the ability to resize the execution table separately, without resizing everything else... entry of symbols is simple, in general a good inuitive feel to it.. much better than tBolt.

I have also tried and it is much better than, eFloorTrade, HyperTrader or Stategy Runner - comparitive products that will take TS trades and send them to Pats/IB.


User Testimonial - "Simple to use"

I really like TradeBullet. I tried one of your competitor's programs and found it to be more difficult and cumbersome to use.

Frank Page