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The Simplest Automation Tool for Traders

TradeBullet handles fully automated order routing to your broker from TradeStation, Collective2, eSignal, MS Excel, most charting software and any custom application.

TradeBullet supports all your TradeStation systems without the need to modify the strategies. No coding necessary!

Whether you trade in multiple accounts simultaneously or use advanced order types including direct ECN routing, TradeBullet makes it simple, easy and blazing fast.

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User Testimonial - "TradeBullet v. TradeBolt"

After using both products for awhile, here are some comparisons..

No transaction costs: although that's the obvious difference, the following features are just as important to me..

Key feature: tBullet takes orders from TS and allows OCA/bracket orders.. eg. upon fill, my target and stop are immediately placed in the market - fantastic.. something that TS can't seem to get together.. nothing like that in tBolt.

Fill management looks really good.. .. ability to go to limit once TS reports filled or send as is a great feature - very flexible.

Scheduling: log-off/on times.. great feature.. my systems run 24/7 but CME and brokers have "Hard disconnect" times... tBullet allows log-on/off times... tBolt can only be done manually.. I asked them about that and they said they would get back to me with a quote... Quote.. to fix their product - and at how much per transaction$$.. pleeeze.

Erogonomic things - like the ability to resize the execution table separately, without resizing everything else... entry of symbols is simple, in general a good inuitive feel to it.. much better than tBolt.

I have also tried and it is much better than, eFloorTrade, HyperTrader or Stategy Runner - comparitive products that will take TS trades and send them to Pats/IB.


What is automated trading?

Automated trading means your orders will be sent to your broker automatically without human intervention, even when you are away from your computer. Simply instruct your trading software, charting application, MS Excel or any custom market analysis software to send the orders to TradeBullet and it will take care of routing the orders to your broker.

More Discipline

With TradeBullet, your order execution will be improved by minimizing the human factor. No more missed opportunity or poor order execution because you were:

  • not in front of your computer
  • second guessing your system
  • talking on the phone
  • making mistakes while typing the orders
TradeBullet routes the orders to your broker within fractions of a second. And in today's competitive markets, seconds can mean the difference between a winning trade and a losing trade.

More Freedom

Most charting applications require that you trade only with their preferred broker. TradeBullet gives you the freedom to trade with many brokers while still using your favorite charting application.